What's New in 1.2?


  • New and comprehensive documentation
  • Creating a new booking now does a simple concurrency check
  • Bookings can now have basic event moderation
  • Moderator permissions can be assigned by role
  • Booking can exist in three states - approved, pending & denied
  • Locations can now have custom layouts
  • Locations can now belong to 'buildings'
  • Locations now have a basic information page
  • Calendar view shows pending/denied events with different colours/opacity
  • Calendar view location filter now supports buildings and hover filter states
  • Events & Locations can now have Custom Fields added (and stored in the database)
  • Events & Locations can now use Custom Templating for both input + output
  • Added New Custom Template drag and drop creator (from gridmanger.js) for building forms and outputs
  • Installer simplified
  • URL rewriting now off by default to help support sub directory installations more seamlessly
  • Can now run in a subdirectory
  • Roles are now dynamic
  • List View now supports date ranges, multiple locations and filtering by status.
  • Notification emails updated to support mobile/responsive clients
  • Not deleting the /install/ folder now shows a nag message rather than throwing a full error
  • Footer now displays current code + database schema version
  • [Removed] Day view is now deprecated in its current form


  • Upgraded to fullcalendar.js 2.3.2
  • Improved datepickers again
  • More JS moved to external js file rather than being embedded in page


  • Moved to cfwheels 1.4.1.



  • Added: customfields,customfieldjoins,customfieldvalues,templates
  • Events - added status column
  • locations - added building /layouts columns


  • Added: approveBooking,bccAllEmailTo,bccAllEmail
  • Changed: - siteEmailAddress changed category to Email, version number updated.


  • Added: accessCustomFields,allowApproveBooking,bypassApproveBooking