OxAlto Roombooking System

OxAlto Room Booking System

The OxAlto Room Booking System is a free, open source room booking solution



Upgrading from 1.1 -> 1.2

1.1 - > 1.2 is a major update; I strongly recommend replacing all core files.

  • Back up all files and your database (PLEASE!)
  • move config/auth.cfm from your 1.1 installation somewhere safe, you will need this exact file.
  • Download 1.2
  • Replace all core files from the 1.2 zip file
  • In the /install/ folder, look for upgrade-1-1-to-1-2.sql and run it against your database. This (should) create several more tables, append various columns, and update some changed core settings.
  • Add the shortcode plugin .zip to /plugins/ - no need to unzip it.
  • Revisit /config/settings.cfm etc to re-add your error email handling and reload password. Note: URLrewriting should be 'off' in this version.
  • Restart your application:

Upgrading from 1.x -> 1.1


  • backup all files & data!
  • move config/auth.cfm somewhere safe
  • delete/replace all core files & directories with 1.1 package
  • move config/auth.cfm back
  • update config/settings.cfm if changed (i.e datasource name)
  • add error handling email address in config/production/settings.cfm
  • NB: You may have to manually delete /plugins/dbmigrate/ & /db/


  • Easiest way is to make sure you've got events, users, locations, logfiles somewhere safe
  • Delete all tables
  • Run /install/roombooking.sql
  • Replace events, users, locations, logfiles with your originals (the structure for those tables hasn't changed)
  • go to root and reload the application; update permissions & settings to suit.


Don't forget to restart your application using ?reload=production&password=YOURRELOADPASSWORD after changing anything.

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